Corporate breakfast

Drink bar

Candy bar

Wedding in Malcanów

Party in a tent

First Communion Reception

Early vegetables accent

Polsat News Interview

WOW of the week!

Easter’s finger food

Valentine’s Day Boxes

Donuts day

Thank you for support

Royal Santa Claus Factory :)

Royal Catering Pantry

Christmas Box

Elegant meeting in the garden

Garden Party

LEGO Party


Elegant business dinner



In the spring edition

Only sky is the limit

10 years of the Theater 6. Floor

Dinner served for 80 people

We are training in #VEGE


Classic Blue Event

Santa’s meeting

Christmas Eve 350 pax

Company meeting

X-Mas time

1st Christmas Eve 2019

Finger Food

Just gold…

Sweet buffet PINK version

Sweet buffet, rustic version

Menu in the autumn version …

Event à la Grand Gatsby 400 people

It’s the details that build the whole …

Brunch & Night Market for 1,600 people

Business Breakfast

Rustic style wedding reception

Healthy morning

2.600 people sat down

Set up

Implementation for 100 people

A healthy start to the day

Garden party

Cocktail Party / Luxury car salon


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