About us

About us

The history of Royal Catering begins in the mind of a 16-year-old Bartosz Siekierka who has purposed then to create the best catering company in Poland.

Over the next 4 years he was working on gaining experience, practicing with the most renown industry specialists, honing his organizational skills. He gained competence by working on events organized for the most prominent figures in the world of politics and business. In 2005, when he turned 20, he launched his own company.

Originally his main channel for reaching customers was by "word of mouth" advertising but soon, thanks to his determination and hard work, as well as support from his wife, Elżbieta, and reinvesting most of the profits, the company began to develop, succeed and sign bigger and more serious contracts. Today, the owners of the company travel a lot and integrate into their offer the combinations of flavors discovered while travelling, as well as various display trends.

Bartosz Siekierka says: "We treat our services holistically, because we belive that what we eat affects the quality of our energy and quality of our energy determines quality of our life. We have an appetite for life and we want to share it with the world. Our motto is #enjoythemoment and this is what we want to offer you on a platter: incredible taste sensation, joy and happiness".




Poke bowl from the new holistic offer

Royal Team

Premiere at the 6th Floor Theater, 400 person

Milena Białobrzeska is one of the winners of the MP Power Awards!

Pink Easter, 90 person

Easter desserts

Easter buffet at the client’s office, 140 person

Easter at the client’s company, 140 person

Event at the 6th Floor Theater, 400 people.


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